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Intern Perks

Hands-on experience

As an intern at Floward, you’ll have the opportunity to actively engage in projects and gain practical experience within your area of expertise. Through working on diverse projects, you’ll be able to develop and refine your skill set, allowing you to apply your abilities to real-world situations.

L&D opportunities

We care about you getting the most out of your short-but-sweet journey with us. You'll have access to our exclusive Learning and Development opportunities, including courses on Udemy. These courses are tailored to your career path and will aid in your professional development.

Building Connections

As an intern at Floward, you become part of our family! You'll have the opportunity to attend social events and activities organized by our local teams or on a company-wide level. This benefits you by allowing you to network with professionals in your industry, stay updated on industry trends, and improve your interpersonal skills through socializing.

Full-time job opportunities

Your journey with us doesn't have to end after completing your internship. As an intern at Floward, you have the potential to transition to a full-time employee and work alongside some of the most skilled professionals in the E-commerce industry.

Hear from our interns

"My internship at Floward was an amazing learning opportunity where I was able to gain valuable insight into the inner workings of a successful company. The team was incredibly welcoming and supportive throughout my time with them, and I'm so grateful for all the knowledge that I gained from my time there. It was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish for a long time." 

Category Department

Atheer ALGhamdi

"I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work as an Intern in the People's department at Floward. Not only were the staff professional and helpful, but they are also keen on guiding us to grow and engage in day-to-day work which inspired me to work at the company with a full-time job. I enjoyed my time working there as an intern and I believe that it was a fruitful experience.” 

People and Culture

Zaina khuraibet

“My internship with Floward gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience. I have gained valuable insight into the marketing industry over the past 3 months I've been with Floward; it truly opened my eyes to new areas of my field.” 

Digital Marketing

Mohammed Albadah

"Being a computer science student you learn to become purely academic and technical and you miss the concept of business acumen and acquiring domain knowledge which is what the internship offered, understanding the world of e-commerce and thinking of work from a business perspective intertwined with the technical side of things because it is not only about building really cool tools it is also about knowing how to properly extract the most value of what you build, after all, that is the point of building a really cool machine learning model if you cannot get any value out of it for the business."

Data Management

Omar Aly

"Floward was more than an internship it was a source of motivation and inspired me to reach more of my potential. It has been wonderful to work alongside such amazing people whose impact will never be forgotten."

Category Content

Lujain Edrees

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